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 2 x MAC Lipstick💄


Lipstick makes me happy. I can really enjoy trying out new colors, and with a beautiful lip color I always have so much more confidence. Today I show you my two Matte Lipsticks: 306 SHOCKING REVELATION and 923 STAY CURIOUS. I was super curious myself, were you?

The MAC Matte lipsticks have since become a really super product. Which beautylover has none in its collection? I already had a few, but these two still missed me. I chose the two lipsticks that I thought looked the best.

MAC Matte Lipstick STAY CURIOUS, € 19.50
MAC Matte Lipstick SHOCKING REVELATION, € 19.50



From left to right you see STAY CURIOUS and SHOCKING REVELATION here. The MAC Matte Lipsticks are matte and have a high coverage. The good thing is that they do not dry out your lips, but nevertheless become perfectly matte.

I chose striking colors, one of which is bright and one more red and dark.




I think the lipsticks that I have are so beautiful, piece by piece. I cannot indicate a favorite, because I give them both a 10/10. Both STAY CURIOUS and SHOCKING REVELATION are perfectly covering and very strongly pigmented. The matte finish is not drying out, but very soft.


Which color do you like best?

Dit artikel bevat producten die ik heb gekregen & zelf heb gekocht.

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