How do I use the Mascha planner?

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Mascha Planner <3 


How I use the Mascha planner. A while ago Mascha Feoktistova (from Beautygloss) launched her own agenda / planner. I love plans and it was a coincidence that I had completely finished my Action Planner. For € 24.95 I ordered the Mascha planner at I have been using the planner for two weeks now and show you what I think of the Mascha planner and how I plan with this. 

Cover Mascha Planner

There are three versions of the Mascha planner: with mermaid print. The gray, brown variant the Business edition and the Josh V x Mascha Planner and this is Limited Edition.

On the inside of the cover you will find a bag with stickers, cards, a booklet and a sheet of stickers in it.


Monthly overview

When you open the agenda, you end up with a monthly overview. You can stick the correct month at the top of the sheet with the stickers at the back and you can supplement the days yourself. I use the monthly planner to write things in, so that I remember things.

Weekly overview

In contrast to my Action Planner, you have enough space per day to make to do lists, schedule appointments and take notes.

Below I have posted an example of how I am currently using the planner. I start by placing a sticker with the month on top. Then I fill in the dates. I have also planned a few events.











At the back you will find some leaves where you can write down notes. I have not yet used this.


You will find the stickers at the back of the planner. There are stickers with the months on it, but also bars where you can write something yourself. Stickers with to do, to go, birthday, to buy and little things. The last sheet of stickers has all sorts of fun figures such as hearts and stars. I think this is a really nice addition and ensures that I like to get started with making an agenda and to do lists.

My opinion about the Mascha Planner

The Mascha planner is not cheap, but it is (for me) worth the investment. The planner is larger than previous planners I already had and therefore not always easy to take with you on the road. I find it convenient that there is enough space per day to write things down. You can use this as an agenda and to do list in one and I think that's great. I also think the design is very beautiful and the stickers are a nice addition. In the coming year I will use this agenda with a lot of love.

You can order the Mascha planner at for € 24.95.


link below.



 Mascha planner zeemeerminnen print

Mascha Planner Business edition

Josh V x Mascha Planner



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