Outfit: Long Sweater and Boots

Gepubliceerd op 19 januari 2020 19:25

Sweater and Boots

The great thing about these boots is that they are so simple and clean. So you can combine them with any outfit: a dress, jeans, tights, ... I chose to wear it under this long sweater with a transparent belt on it, so you can alternate a bit in the taste of your style. 


It is mid-January and this is not exactly my favorite month. It's a cold month, but there's just not really something to look forward to. Yet this time I am not going to complain too much: it is not that cold this year. That's fine, because then I can wear something other than a thick winter coat!





My outfit consists of only two parts: a long sweater and a pair of boots.


I like a simple outfit without too much distraction. A black long sweater as a dress is something I have been looking for for a long time. Finally I have found the perfect long sweater dress. It became an oversized model in a satin finish. It is very comfortable and looks casual chic.


My boots are from Dr. Martens. I chose the Sinclair boots in black. They are half high and very comfortable. The finish is nice and smooth, so that you will not get any pain on your feet and all Dr. Martens shoes after a lot of walking. Dr. Martens are equipped with a removable footbed so that you can also wear them with your own arch supports. Comfort is guaranteed, and style is clear too!

Dit artikel bevat producten die ik heb gekregen & zelf heb gekocht.

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