Outfit: Back To The Basics

Gepubliceerd op 30 december 2019 17:49

Calm Before The Storm 💨

In between all the Christmas looks and NYE outfits, I will take you back to the basics today. There is one "normal" day in between until the New Year, so a casual look is certainly appropriate. But today I show you a neutral, yet beautiful look!

In the meantime you have seen a festive outfit a few times, but today I keep it casual because there is a good chance that you will also have to work and prepare things this week (and you may prefer not to wear a glitter dress).


I start with my turtleneck. It's from Missguided.com, a big favorite of mine. They always have super nice items that are of fantastic quality. I always remain really enthusiastic. This yellow turtleneck is wonderfully warm and of good quality. The logo of them is on the inside of the turtleneck, for a stylish detail. The sleeves are also super fun, because it has a split. It is very comfortable and looks casual but stylish.


I am wearing skinny jeans that I bought at Bershka.com. To be honest, I do not recommend this. It is very comfortable and the fabric is nice and soft, but for some reason it is not really flattering. I prefer to wear jeans that are good stretchy, and that is not really this. It stretches super fast, which means it is not tight, and it is just a bit too loose for me. If you are looking for leggings with a jeans look, yes, but if you like loose jeans, nope!


My jacket is from Bershka.com, super nice long casual jacket, color gray. Which means you can combine them on almost everything. But the most important thing is, it is winter of course. Does this jacket give enough warmth? No, not at all, so wear this jacket especially with a sweater. But in terms of design the jacket is super flattering and very Casual but also Basic.


My sneakers are bought from MTNG on Zalando.nl, they are super nice shoes, the plus is also. I am only 1m60 so not super big, i wish. That's why I think it's great that this shoe has a higher sole, which makes me look a bit bigger. Really a super shoe. And especially affordable.


My bag is made of Zadig-et-voltaire.com super beautiful designer bag, you can combine it on everything because that black is of course with silver details. 




Dit artikel bevat producten die ik heb gekregen & zelf heb gekocht.

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